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RCSSC Wiffleball

General Wiffleball Information

RCSSC co-ed. Wiffleball: it's highly-social.  Like football, wiffleball is a game that is often played at backyard barbeques and is usually accompanied by a somewhat laid-back atmosphere--and beer.  What people most enjoy about wiffleball is how easy the game is to play and how fun it can be.  Especially at an RCSSC wiffleball game where the idea is more about being social than winning or losing, it's difficult to take the semi-official backyard game too seriously.  Because wiffleballs have holes in them, they don't ever get hit too far--even with a big-hitter--and they can only be thrown so-fast.  This variable presents challenges that keep the game condensed and fun--no matter your athletic ability.  So whether you are Napoleon Dynamite or Babe Ruth, come out for some RCSSC wiffleball and catch a refreshing buzz.


(THE MOMENT HE'S BEEN WAITING FOR: That ball has been talking trash all game.  Note the fun-loving and sociable look on his face.)

Athletic abilities aside--

Overview of Important Info. & Rules


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Because the idea of the River City Sport & Social Club is to play sports and be SOCIAL, all teams should patronize one (OR MORE) of RCSSC’s bar sponsors (Home Team Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Gus', On The Rox) after each game.  These establishments care enough to support RCSSC (YOU), so socially supporting one of our sponsors by having a meal or a few drinks is important.  Plus, beer-infused post-game downtime is an essential part of the RCSSC social experience, and these sponsors have been kind enough to offer a player special for all social RCSSC players--as long as they have their team shirt on.  Who would say no?


(LADIES: Let's keep things civil! Attacking your team captain with bats is no way to be sportsmanlike; at least wait until he gets out to the parking lot! I mean come on!)

League Divisions

RCSSC Wiffleball has 2 divisions: Super Social and Extreme Social. They are geared toward athleticism and/or newness to the league. Though it's a given, all teams must be sociable. Social division is not offered for wiffleball.

Social: This division is designed for teams and individuals that love to socialize and have GOOD athletic skills. It's usually the division with the most teams and players the top 16 or 32 teams have end of season playoff games.

Super Social:  So you think you are big-league?  Well, RCSSC doesn't have one, but there is a Super Social division.  This division is for those familiar with the great game of wiffleball and who also possesses good athletic ability--not that wiffleball, a game sometimes drunkenly played in backyards across America, requires too much athleticism.  If you can crush a wiffleball 40 yards and at the same time be sociable, here is your division.  It's usually the division with the most teams and players, so the top 16 or 32 teams have end-of-season playoff games.

Extreme Social (No Playoffs):  If you are at all interested in the game of wiffleball--whether you've played this game before or not, and you don't have as much of the quick-footed, fast-handed, bat-crushing, merciless skills and attitude that aren't really required in wiffleball, the Extreme Social division may be more your speed.  This division is perfect for wiffleball since Extreme Social and the sport are both social by default.  Because there is no Social division for wiffleball, Extreme Social will have playoffs.

Wiffleball Seasons, Days and Times

Wiffleball will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays with the first games beginning at 6:20pm and the last games of the evening beginning around 9:40pm.  The game will be at Sports Center of Richmond (SCOR), 1385 Overbrook Rd., Richmond, VA 23220.

NOTE: Fields 5 and 6 are OUTSIDE

Wiffleball League Fees

Playoff Games

Super Social & Extreme Social will have playoff games for the top 16 & 32 teams in the league.


(EXCUSE ME: Don't give me that look--and shut your mouth when you're talking to me.)

RCSSC creates year-round opportunities to play a variety of team sports and socialize after the game. It's the perfect coctail of sports and socializing!

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