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RCSSC Volleyball



General Volleyball Information

Volleyball is a great backyard game that isn't too difficult to play.  Since the 1890s, the game has been played in social settings coast-to-coast, around the world and even in the desert on master jet bases like that one scene from Top Gun--yes, you know the scene.  But while RCSSC co-ed. volleyball requires shirts and doesn't suggest wearing jeans to matches, the same spirit of competitively-fun social activity is present.


(DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO: Even if it's a behind-the-back shot that goes out of bounds, just do what you gotta do. A for effort.)

Important Info. & Rules

League Divisions

There are 3 divisions of sports.  Not every sport has all 3 divisions.  They are based on athleticism and/or a team's newness to the league.  Regardless of the division, all teams must be SOCIABLE.


Super Social:  The Super Social division is reserved for those players who have decent athletic ability and enjoy being social; neither Maverick nor Ice Man would fit into this category--they're just too darn good and aren't friendly enough.  If your standard game of volleyball results in a few good rallies and you don't have to keep running off the court to get the ball, then the Super Social division is a good fit for you.  But the main thing to remember about RCSSC is that no matter your ability, you need to be social and have sportsmanship.  This division usually has the most teams and players, and the top 16 teams have end-of-season playoff games.

Extreme Social:  NOT OFFERED

Volleyball Seasons, Days and Times

Volleyball is played on Thursdays with games beginning at 6:15pm, 7:10pm, 8:00pm, 8:55pm & 9:45pm (if needed). All games will be played at the new building located at the Sports Center of Richmond (SCOR), 1385 Overbrook Rd., Richmond, VA 23220.

Volleyball is a Spring Season of 7 games starting in late March through May

Playoffs are 1-2 weeks following the regular season and generally end in May before Memorial Day.

Volleyball League Fees

(The minimum team fee is $720.00.


(HIGH-FIVE: Follow your dreams, and reach for the stars.)

RCSSC creates year-round opportunities to play a variety of team sports and socialize after the game. It's the perfect coctail of sports and socializing!

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