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RCSSC Skeeball Rules

These rules were last updated on July 27, 2016.

General Team Rules

League Basics



(SKEE-BALL: Played at the BAJA BEAN CO.)

Section 1. Team Formation

  1. Leagues Offered. There is one skee-ball league: SUPER SOCIAL.


  1. Season. Skee-ball is offered on Wednesdays starting at 6:45 PM during the winter. Games will be played at Baja Bean Co., 1520 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220, or at Gus’ Bar & Grill, 2701 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220.


  1. Number of Players. All teams must have a minimum of six players with at least two females, but there is no maximum. All players must be listed on the team roster and sign the RCSSC waiver before participating in a game.


  1. Adding Players. Teams can add players at any time until the final tee-shirt order date. From the order date through the third week of play, a team must drop a player before it may add a player. The dropped player must give his or her tee shirt to the added player. After the third week of play, team rosters are frozen. See the Commissioner for additional roster forms.


  1. Playing Short. A team must have at least four players present to start a game, one of whom must be female. A team will be capped on scoring based on the number of bowlers present during the game.

Section 2. Player Restrictions

  1. Age. Team members must be 21 years old by the start of the season.


  1. Team Membership. Players may only play for one team.

  2. Violations. Teams that violate the rules in this section will forfeit the entire season’s games and must pay a fine.

Section 3. Uniforms

  1. Tee Shirts. RCSSC will provide each team with tee shirts for its roster. All players must wear the official RCSSC tee shirt for each game.


  1. Permitted Alterations. Players may add their names, numbers, and other similar personal information to their tee shirts. Players may also add depictions of the American flag. Players’ additions may not cover the RCSSC or sponsor logo.


  1. Excluded Alterations. Players may not add any corporate information to their tee shirts, including website addresses and company names. Players may not include any offensive material on their tee shirts. The Commissioner has the exclusive right to determine whether additions are offensive.


  1. Penalty. Players who do not wear the official RCSSC tee shirt will be sidelined for that game. Players caught exchanging shirts will also be sidelined, and if the players are not listed on the team roster, the team will forfeit the game and must pay a fine. Teams with players who violate alteration guidelines must purchase new RCSSC shirts ($20/shirt), and the team will forfeit all games until it has paid for the new shirts.


Section 1. Facilities and Equipment

  1. Facility. All games will be played at Baja Bean Co. (back bar inside) or Gus’ Bar & Grill.


  1. Equipment. The RCSSC will provide all required equipment.


  1. Free Play. Machines will be set on “free play” so no coins are needed.


  1. Referees. The RCSSC will provide a “host” to oversee all matches.

Section 2. Clock

  1. Match Time. A match will take about an hour, but timing will depend on league size and play. First games start at 6:45 PM.

  2. Game Clock. A RCSSC staff member will keep the official game time.


  1. Double Time. If a match (traditional play ONLY) has not reached the eighth frame by the 50-minute mark, then all rolls will double up. Each bowler will now roll two frames at a time to speed up the match. That is two sets of nine rolls per bowler.

Section 3. Play of Game.

  1. Start of Play. Rock-paper-scissors will determine which team gets to roll first at the beginning of the match (traditional play ONLY).


  1. Substitutions. Substitutions may be made only between frames and/or if there is an injury.

  2. Timeouts. There are no timeouts.


  1. Scorekeeping. The RCSSC will provide the scoring device.


  1. Traditional or Match Play. Play will proceed with either traditional play (see section 3.1) or match play (see section 3.2).

Section 3.1. Standard/Traditional Play. (13 rounds)

  1. Match. Two teams roll 10 regular frames and three “mystery rounds” (worth 100 bonus points).


  1. Frame. A frame is one full game with nine consecutive rolls by one bowler.


  1. Re-Skees (Mulligans).


  1. Turns. One bowler will roll his or her nine balls first. Then a player from the opposing team will roll his or her nine balls. Players continue to alternate turns.


  1. Scoring. When the player has rolled all 9 balls, divide the score shown on the machine 10 (just take off a zero) to simplify scoring. Record this score on the scorecard.


  1. Points. When all frames are finished, each team’s 13 frame scores will be added together, and the team with the highest total points wins the match. (A win is worth three points in the league standings).

Section 3.2. Match Play (11 or 13 series).

  1. Match. A match will consist of two teams playing a best of 11 or 13 series, depending on the league size and number of machines. (The first team to win six or seven games wins the match.)

  2. Series. The “series number” will be spelled out for each league and season.


  1. Scoring.


  1. Points. A series win is worth three points in the league standings.

Section 4. Mystery Round/Tiebreakers (Spin Wheel Provided).

  1. Speed. Both teams will present one bowler. The bowlers from each team will begin to roll their balls at the command of the host. The first player to roll all of his or her balls and have the machine flash “game over” or for his or her score to flash will be considered the winner.

  2. Relay. Each member of the team present will roll one of the nine balls. If fewer than nine players are present, the team will rotate through its players in the same order as they began the frame. The team with the highest score wins that round.

  3. Speed Relay. Using the above relay rules, the winning team will be decided not by total score but by the first team to have its machine count all nine balls rolled and the game to be declared over, indicated by the flashing score or “game over.”

  4. Blindfolded. One roller will be blindfolded and led to the machine where he or she will roll one full frame (nine balls). Teammates may assist through verbal direction but are not allowed to physically aid the blindfolded roller. The top score between the two teams wins the round.

  5. Skee-Off. Teams choose one roller from the opposing team to compete against the player the opponents have chosen from their team. The roller with the highest score after a single round of nine balls wins a bonus 100 points for his or her team.

  6. Lowest Score. The team with the lowest total score after rolling all nine balls wins the round. Rollers must score at least 10 points with each ball. (Players who roll gutter balls will be disqualified.)

  7. Price Is Right. The host will designate a total score (for example, 160). The team that gets closest to that score without going over wins the round.

Section 5. Ball and Roll

  1. Ball in Play.


  1. Ball Out of Play. Any balls rolled in violation of the above rule will count as zero.


  1. Ball Roll Back. If any balls bounce back down the ramp without scoring, they may be re-rolled.


  1. Gender Play. At least one female from each team must be playing in a game at all times.

Section 6. Machine Malfunctions (Scoring)

  1. Scoring Error. The league plays on a variety of machine models, styles, and ages. Scoring errors are an inescapable aspect of the game. It is the responsibility of the witnessing party to IMMEDIATELY bring the scoring error to the attention of the other team and host.

  2. Agree. If both captains are able to agree upon the alternation of the score to fix the machine error, the game may continue.

  3. Disagree. If captains are unable to agree, then the host will make a ruling given the testimony of the captains and their personal knowledge of the machines. The host’s ruling will be in the form of a score alteration and will be considered FINAL.

Note: Scoring errors do NOT result in re-rolls or voids of frames.

Section 7. Contact During Game

If an opposing player obstructs the bowler by touching the player or ball, or by engaging in any other inappropriate behavior, the bowler will get a re-roll of that ball if he or she chooses. If this behavior continues, the offending player will score a zero for the game.


  1. Minimum Players. A team may play short the entire match. If a team has fewer than four rollers show up for a match, than a dummy score of 100 per frame will be used for the missing bowler. If a team does not have at least one female during the match, it will be assessed a loss, and a $30 forfeit fine will be assessed.


  1. Avoiding Forfeit. If the forfeiting team contacts the RCSSC no later than 24 hours before the game, no forfeit fine will be assessed, since it will allow time for the opposing coach to notify his or her team of the impending forfeit. E-mail the forfeit notice to


  1. Fine. The forfeit fine will be contributed to the forfeiting team’s opponent’s bar tab the following week. The fine recipient must use the tab the following week: the fine will not be carried over.


  1. Time of Payment. The $30 forfeit deposit will be used for one game. Any additional forfeit fines must be paid before the next scheduled game.


  1. Failure to Pay. Teams that fail to pay an assessed fine before the subsequent week’s game will have two points subtracted from their win total. After the second week, the fine will double.


  1. Ejection. After three weeks of nonpayment, the Commissioner may eject the team from the league.


  1. Inclement Weather Policy. In case of inclement weather, check the RCSSC weather hotline (804) 307-7294 and your e-mail for updates. If you do not receive a cancellation e-mail and there is no cancellation message on the RCSSC voicemail, all games are on.


  1. Social Aspect of League. The league’s focus is on being social, not winning or losing.


  1. Rules. Players are expected to know the rules and abide by them.


  1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Skee-ball is considered a game for the civilized and friendly. While healthy competition is encouraged, any RCSSC player who does not conduct himself or herself, whether on or off the field, in a manner that demonstrates courtesy and respect for his or her own teammates and other teams will be removed from the league. RCSSC staff will keep a record of all players and/or teams who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct. Bowlers will be warned on their first infraction, removed from the game on their second infraction (and their score will be forfeited), and finally removed from the league on their third infraction.


  1. Types of Illegal Conduct. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:

League representatives will have the final decision on any issues regarding enforcement of this rule.


  1. Player Penalties. Ejected players cannot play in the following week’s game. Players who engage in two offenses will be suspended from the league and cannot participate in any RCSSC sports for one year.


  1. Team Penalties. Teams that engage in two offenses will be ineligible to participate in any RCSSC sports for one year.


  1. Fighting. Fighting will result in a player’s or a team’s permanent suspension from the RCSSC.


  1. Points Awarded. Points will be awarded to teams as follows:


  1. Playoffs. The Commissioner will determine the number of teams making the playoffs in each division. The computerized playoff wizard will break regular season record ties. Playoff games may be scheduled on days other than regular game days.


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