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RCSSC Skee-Ball

Fall SkeeBall to begin Tuesday, November 27, 2018!

 Fall 2018 Skee-Ball will begin Tuesday, November 27, 2018. 

Skeeball is offered on Tuesdays starting at 6:30 PM. Games will be played at The Circuit, Scott's Addition - 3121 W Leigh Street.

Captains click here to register.

Free Agents click here to register.

Important Dates

Comment Deadline Friday, November 23, 2018 @ midnight
Captains need your time setup by this deadline
Games Begin Tuesday, November 27, 2018  @ 6:30 PM.

Take Notes...

(Man Hours: So this is where Dwight has been taking the kids when he is supposed to be watching them.  His wife is gonna be pissed.)

General Skee-ball Information

Skee-ball is a great arcade game that has been around for over 100 years.  For those who never went to Chuck-E-Cheese in their younger days or just can't remember that far back, the idea of skee-ball is to score points by rolling a ball down a table with a ramp at the end that launches the ball into one of the holes at the opposite end of the table.  Each hole is worth different amounts with the more-difficult holes being worth the most amount of points.  Unlike Chuck-E-Cheese, there are no tickets or little prizes if you win, but there is beer.

General Team Rules

League Basics


(FUN: Jackie is one of the most-social participants in skee-ball.)

Overview of Important Info. & Rules


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Because the idea of the River City Sport & Social Club is to play sports and be SOCIAL, all teams should patronize one (OR MORE) of RCSSC’s bar sponsors (Home Team Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Gus') after each game.  These establishments care enough to support RCSSC (YOU), so socially supporting one of our sponsors by having a meal or a few drinks is important.  Plus, beer-infused post-game downtime is an essential part of the RCSSC social experience, and these sponsors have been kind enough to offer a player special for all social RCSSC players--as long as they have their team shirt on.  Who would say no?


(WHY, YES YOU CAN: Of course you can have a brew while playing skee-ball.)

League Divisions

There is one division offered for Skee-ball: Super Social.

Super Social:  For skee-ball, there isn't much athleticism involved.  The game is more about being social and having a good amount of control over how you roll the ball down the table.  Some people put spin on the ball and others just send it hoping for the ball to hop-up to the furthest hole for the most points.  To do well in this game, you just have to find your groove and practice beforehand.

Seasons, Days and Times

League Fees


(ACES: These gentlemen are ace skee-ballers, as you can see by their matching finish form.)

RCSSC creates year-round opportunities to play a variety of team sports and socialize after the game. It's the perfect coctail of sports and socializing!

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