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RCSSC Kickball

General Kickball Information

Kickball was fun when we played in elementary school, and now that we are older, though barely more mature, the game is a new level of fun.  Just because we've grown, we believe our abilities in this game have grown, too, but such is not always the case.  We still wiff the ball and zone-out in left field.  The ball still bounces out of our hands when we attempt to catch it.  And when we do make it far enough around the bases to near a homerun, that inflated red ball comes back with a vengeance for the out.  The important thing to remember is that a social, cold, tasty adult beverage awaits you at any of our sponsors' locations.

(IN THE FACE: This is the definition of driving your foot through a kickball's face.  And check out those socks--we need more of that!)

Overview of Important Info. & Rules 


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Because the idea of the River City Sport & Social Club is to play sports and be SOCIAL, all teams should patronize one (OR MORE) of RCSSC’s bar sponsors (Home Team Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Gus', On The Rox) after each game.  These establishments care enough to support RCSSC (YOU), so socially supporting one of our sponsors by having a meal or a few drinks is important.  Plus, beer-infused post-game downtime is an essential part of the RCSSC social experience, and these sponsors have been kind enough to offer a player special for all social RCSSC players--as long as they have their team shirt on.  Who would say no?


(COME'ON JIMBO: Jimbo here can crush a kickball a quarter-mile when he is being friendly and sociable.)

League Divisions

For kickball there are 3 league divisions.  Those divisions are based on your or your team's collected athleticism and/or newness to the league. All teams better be SOCIABLE or you'll hear it from the umpires and the commissioner.  Now, continue reading the league divisions in the voice of Michael Ironside ("Jester" from Top Gun).

Social: The participants of this division are pretty darn serious when it comes to kickball.  Their first word was kickball.  Their parents sent them to elementary schools known specifically for the schools' kickball programs.  They may even have a kickball sticker on their back window, or a tattoo of a kickball on their person.  But while these athletes have the skills and ability to drive their foot through the face of a kickball, they are also sociable--very sociable.   Social is the most competitive RCSSC division, and all teams have end-of-season playoff games.

Super Social: Here in the Super Social division is where we find those who didn't go to prestigious kickball schools, but may have been good enough to be one of the first picked for kickball at recess.  These folks are good athletes who can make plays and know how to work as a team for the W, but most-importantly these players are sociable.  This division has the most players and takes the social drink discount seriously.  The top 16 or 32 teams have end-of-season playoff games.

Extreme Social: For those who didn't feel a need to go to a certified kickball school or spend school nights playing kickball under the lights in preparation for that weekend's game, Extreme Social is a good fit for you.  You don't need to be an ace at kickball--you just need to have an interest in playing.  But one thing that RCSSC must remind you of is that this division is the most social.  These socializers don't fool around; they take socializing as seriously as the social division takes kickball.  No playoffs are offered in this division when there is a Social division.

You may join any of the divisions, but discourage against the Social division for a brand new team to the league. There are no playoffs in X-Soc division when there is also a Social division in same sport.

Kickball Seasons, Days and Times

Kickball League Fees

Playoff Games

Social and Super Social will have playoff games for the top 16 & 32 teams in the league.  When there is no social league, then extreme social will also have playoff games.


(GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME: Davis is allergic to poison ivy.)

RCSSC creates year-round opportunities to play a variety of team sports and socialize after the game. It's the perfect coctail of sports and socializing!

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