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RCSSC Football

If you can keep up with this game, you belong in the Social Division.


General Football Information

Grab the pigskin, throw on your cleats and sign up for some RCSSC co-ed. touch football!  For many, football is both a reminder of years gone by and a very current and social part of life.  Whether it's Fantasy Football trash-talk, a cookout for Monday Night Football, talking stats around the office or just throwing the football around the yard, the sport brings people together--and RCSSC football is no exception.  Get your team together, start running some routes, practice that bootleg and buttonhook and although that dream of throwing the winning touchdown may just be a dream, joining one of RCSSC's football leagues could make it into something real-ish.   


(OUT OF MY WAY: This man is having such a lovely, fun-filled social experience that his feet don't have to touch the ground.)

 Overview of Important Rules & Info.


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Because the idea of the River City Sport & Social Club is to play sports and be SOCIAL, all teams should patronize one (OR MORE) of RCSSC’s bar sponsors (Home Team Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Gus', On The Rox) after each game.  These establishments care enough to support RCSSC (YOU), so socially supporting one of our sponsors by having a meal or a few drinks is important.  Plus, beer-infused post-game downtime is an essential part of the RCSSC social experience, and these sponsors have been kind enough to offer a player special for all social RCSSC players--as long as they have their team shirts on.  Who would say no?


 (BRACE FOR IMPACT: With that many bodies and that much momentum, plus that one guy who's airborne, a wreck is bound to happen.  May not be a bad idea to bring a mouthguard.)

League Divisions

Football consists of 3 league divisions.  Each division is geared toward your or your team's athletic ability and/or newness to the league.  No matter which division your team is a part of, all divisions are SOCIABLE.  One division may be a bit more sociable than another--looking at you, Extreme Social, but if the commissioner hears of a team or division NOT being SOCIABLE, he is going to turn the bus around.

Social: The Social division is for people who can run fast, throw fast, catch, kick, cover and can hold onto the ball.  Those in the Social division are above the athletic average, or at least think that they are.  If you can huck a pigskin a quarter mile or run a sub-4.7 40, here is where you belong.

Super Social:  Super Social is a division made of good athletes--not great athletes, good athletes.  These athletes have enough athletic ability to be contenders of casual weekend football games with the neighbors, or hold off Uncle Jim from his semi-Heisman moves he learned at Mike Ditka's youth football camp.  The Super Social division usually has the most teams and the top 16 teams have end-of-season playoff games. 

Extreme Social:  It's not called Extreme Social for nothing; this division is all about socializing.  You don't need to have won any awards in high school for football or have even played the sport.  If you are at all interested in playing flag football, this is your division.  The skills needed to compete here are less athletic and more social.  It's all for socializing fun.  But because of such fun extreme socializing, no playoffs are involved in sports with an extreme social division.

Football Seasons, Days and Times

Football League Fees

Playoff Games

Social and Super Social will have playoff games for the top 16 or 32 teams in the league.


(HUDDLE: Any fresh ideas?  Need to get this mustard stain off my shirt.)

RCSSC creates year-round opportunities to play a variety of team sports and socialize after the game. It's the perfect coctail of sports and socializing!

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