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RCSSC Floorball

Floorball is FUN!

General Floorball Information

RCSSC co-ed. Floorball: a game similar to field hockey.  There are two teams.  There are sticks.  There is a ball.  There are two goals and two goalies.  The sticks are used to get the ball to the goal.  Heck, it's even played in Canada.  Just like hockey, the game is fast-paced and requires a good bit of getting up and down the court.  While the sport began not long ago, its popularity has progressed worldwide.  What's great about floorball is that it's one of those social sports RCSSC offers that is hard to take too seriously.  Finding hard-core floorballers is rare--especially in a social club like RCSSC where the main idea is to simply be social and have a good time.

Overview of Important Info. & Rules


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Because the idea of the River City Sport & Social Club is to play sports and be SOCIAL, all teams should patronize one (OR MORE) of RCSSC’s bar sponsors (Home Team Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Gus', On The Rox) after each game.  These establishments care enough to support RCSSC (YOU), so socially supporting one of our sponsors by having a meal or a few drinks is important.  Plus, beer-infused post-game downtime is an essential part of the RCSSC social experience, and these sponsors have been kind enough to offer a player special for all social RCSSC players--as long as they have their team shirt on.  Who would say no?


(YOU'VE GOT GUTS, KID: Some excellent floorball footage.)

League Divisions

For floorball, there are two divisions offered instead of three: Super Social and Extreme Social.  These divisions are based on athleticism and/or a team's newness to the league.  ALL teams must be SOCIABLE!


Super Social:  For those players with good athletic ability.  Floorball requires a good amount of running up and down the rink, so running for a while and then throwing in a few bursts of full-speed when needed will be required--keep your shoes tied.  If you want to be a little more competitive than the Extreme Social division, here is your division.  It's usually the division with the most teams and players the top 16 teams have end-of-season playoff games.

Extreme Social:  For the folks who are extremely social and want to play floorball just for the fun of it.  This division doesn't take the game seriously and is present just for the laughs and the interest in doing something active.  You don't need to be a Stanley Cup contender to participate in this league division, but you do need to be sociable and enjoy drinking a cold brew after the game.

Floorball Seasons, Days and Times

Floorball League Fees

$720.00 is the base league fee for a minimum team of 12 players.
$60.00 is added for each player above the minimum 12 players on the roster.
$4.00 extra per player for sizes 2XL to 5XL.
$6.00 extra per player for Camo shirts (Sand, Green, Blue, Pink or Black). Camo shirts are not available for 2XL and larger.
$2.00 extra per player for registrations paid on-line.
(The minimum team fee is $720.00 which includes ONE $50 forfeit fine).

Playoff Games

Super Social will have playoff games for the top 16 or 32 teams in the league.  Spring playoffs generally end in May before Memorial Day.  Fall playoffs generally end before Christmas.  There are no games during the week of Thanksgiving.

RCSSC creates year-round opportunities to play a variety of team sports and socialize after the game. It's the perfect coctail of sports and socializing!

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