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If you enjoy sports and love to socialize, the River City Sports & Social Club is for you! Join more than 15,000 players in the Greater Richmond area who team up to socialize and play recreational sports with us throughout the year. We offer 12 sports leagues that cover every season and skill level, but that's not all.  We host happy hour kickoffs for each season and opportunities to mix and mingle at our sponsor bars with great food and drink specials after every sporting event! 

As stated above, the idea of the River City Sport & Social Club is to create a scene through a mixture of social people and sports, but we are't just a party.  Every year RCSSC does much more than most sport & social clubs.  We are a part of Richmond as much as Richmond is a part of us.  Our organization is one that helps.  Every year RCSSC hosts two events that aim to benefit charities that work to better the Richmond community.  Our Annual "Festivus for the Rest of Us" Holiday Party brings in piles and piles of toys for Toys for Tots in order to make sure as many Richmond-area children as possible have a happy Christmas morning.  We also host the Annual New Year Charity Football Event that raises money and supports the local Richmond SPCA.  But even outside of supporting charities, RCSSC supports local businesses.  Because RCSSC is an organization comprised of thousands of some of the most-social folks in the Richmond area, we have a group of local bar sponsors who support RCSSC.  They support us through diluting operating costs and also through drink and food specials offered after every RCSSC sporting event.  This backing benefits every RCSSC participant through significantly-reduced costs.  To thank these sponsors for their support, we strongly encourage all RCSSC participants to patronize these establishments by stopping by there after games and matches to have a few drinks and some food.  This interactive dynamic of sports and an effort to support local charities and businesses produces not only a healthy environment to make new friends, but also an organization that helps to build the Richmond community.


Well, RCSSC offers a bunch of sports with seasons broken up into Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  No sport is offered year-round--except indoor basketball, but many are offered for three seasons out of the year.  Teams sign up to participate per-season.  Within each sport are league divisions.  These divisions separate teams by athletic ability/newness to RCSSC so a super-athletic team doesn't play a not-so-athletic team.  The league divisions are as follows: Social (for solid athletes), Super Social (for good athletes), Extreme Social (for those who really just want to have fun and may not be the most-athletic), and a 38+ League (for the older athlete who is still looking for competition).  But not all these league divisions are offered for every sport, every season--that all depends on how many teams sign up for a sport.  Most of the time, unless otherwise noted, the league divisions of Social and Super Social have playoffs for the best-ranked teams.  The Extreme Social division has playoffs only when there is no Social division offered for the sport.  So let's get down to the structure of the teams.  Each team has a captain who is in charge of the team, who is aware of important dates, and who makes sure the team knows where to go for a game/match--among other responsibilities.  The captain is the member of the team who signs up with RCSSC--INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS ON TEAMS DO NOT SIGN UP.  Click here for more info about captains.  Individual Players on a team wait for the captain of their team to send an email that will allow them to sign up for their team.  These players should know the general rules of the sport they play and always be sportmanlike.  Click here for more important player info.  RCSSC also understands that there will be people who are interested in participating in RCSSC, but who don't have a team.  These people are known as Free Agents.  Free Agents sign up for RCSSC on their own and RCSSC puts them on a team based on how they answer the sign up questions.  Click here for more info about being a Free Agent.  It is imperative that all those who wish to participate in RCSSC understand that this organization is all about having fun and being social.  We are not about winning and losing.

Signing Up: The Basics


If you’ve never been a captain for RCSSC or have not been a RCSSC captain within the last 12 months, you are a NEW CAPTAIN.  As a new captain, you must register at your sport’s Sign-Up night.  The date of Sign-Up night can be found either in your sport’s season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) page, or on your sport’s main page if there is no Fall page for your sport.  After Sign-Up night you will receive an email from River City SSC Headquarters that will direct you through what you need to do.  If you are confused, please remember that the “Captains” page has links to show you the steps.


It’s pretty easy.  Returning captains have been a captain for a RCSSC team within the past 12 months.  As a returning captain, you may sign-up online here:

If you become confused, remember that there are links on the “Captains” page with directions to show the steps you must take to sign-up.


Once your team’s captain has gone through the initial steps of registering your team, your captain will receive an email to forward to you and your teammates (be sure to check your spam folder in case it winds up in there).  Open the email and follow the directions to register for your team and your team ONLY!


If you do not have a team, no worries; RCSSC will put you on a team.  Just click this link and follow the instructions.  If you get confused, shoot an email to

RCSSC creates year-round opportunities to play a variety of team sports and socialize after the game. It's the perfect coctail of sports and socializing!

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