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The 2016 holiday season brings along with it the 10th annual Festivus for the Rest of Us holiday party on December 15 at Dover Hall (1500 Manakin Road, Goochland, VA 23103) in Manakin-Sabot.  Every year through this event the RCSSC community helps raise toys for Toys-for-Tots for children all across our area.  To attend this event you must have a ticket, so go to where tickets can be acquired.  Be aware that if you don't have a ticket, you will not be able to attend Festivus for the Rest of Us.  There are a limited number of tickets, so if you buy a ticket and later discover that you cannot go, please cancel your ticket through eventbrite.comThe entry fee for this event is an unwrapped gift--each guest must bring a gift to the party--that is valued at at least $15 for donation.  Cocktail attire. 

*If you cannot commit to drink responsibly, please plan ahead and arrange a ride home.  Dover Hall Estate is located in a rural setting where taxi service may not be available; check before you arrive.  Vehicles left at Dover Hall overnight must be picked up Friday morning between 9:00-11:00 am when the gates are open for this purpose.


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